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No Day without Torah
Rav Meir Shapiro was a great Torah scholar of the last century. He had a dream. He wanted to organize Torah...
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From Hive to Honey
A terrific introduction to science for early readers. How is honey made? Follow its amazing journey from bees in a...
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The B.Y. Times #1 Shani's Scoop
What do you do if you’re beginning eighth grade and things seem…well, boring? What if you want something new to tackle, an...
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Let's Meet a Chaveirim Member
How does Chaveirim help people? Let’s spend some time with Chaveirim members as they change a flat tire and help a...
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  • I want to take this opportunity to commend the outstanding professionalism of your entire staff. You are to be commended for employing such high caliber professionals. In short, the entire experience of collaborating with your staff has been most satisfying and pleasant.
  • Being published by Menucha is an extreme pleasure and privilege. Their editors work closely with me throughout the entire publishing process. The end product is always high quality in both appearance and content. I am so proud to share my Menucha books with family and friends!
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