Kaplan, Dovid

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Double Impact
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348 SHORT STORIES WITH AN IMMEDIATE LESSONThe Impact! series is back in print, with double the punch! You loved best-selling...
Major Impact
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285 Short Stories with an Immediate Message
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230 Short Stories with an Immediate MessageIn Impact! Rabbi Dovid Kaplan does it again with great stories that pack a...
The Kiruv Files
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The Kiruv Files, by Rabbi Dovid Kaplan, rabbi and lecturer in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach and regular chinuch columnist for Hamodia,...
The Ohr Somayach Gemara Companion
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Beginners! Ohr Somayach's Rabbi Dovid Kaplan will get you going in Gemara with this step-by-step guide for every layperson. Overcome...