Trugman, Avraham Arieh

Avraham Arieh Trugman
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Sefirat HaOmer
The Significance of the Days Between Pesach and ShavuotThe forty-nine days of Counting the Omer are replete with holidays and...
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The Mystical Nature of Light
Divine Paradox of CreatonWhat is the role of "light" in the Written Torah, the Oral Tradition, Kabbalah and Chassidic teachings?...
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Shema Yisrael
200 Meditations on Judaism’s Cardinal Statement of FaithThe Shema is a cry from the heart, a meditation of the mind,...
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Orchard of Delights
The Ohr Chadash Torah CommentaryOne of the primary goals of this book is to demonstrate that the "stories" in the...
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Becoming a Master of Time
A spiritual guide to time managementSome people count the moments — others make their moments count. This popular saying expresses...
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Secrets of the Magen David
An in-depth exploration of the deeper spiritual meanings and symbolism of this deceptively simple form. The origins and history of...
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The Mystical Power of Music
Delve into the G-d-given gift of music with this one-of-a-kind Jewish book that explores the mystical qualities of music and...
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Prophecy & Divine Inspiration
The Ohr Chadash Commentary on the ProphetsAs mankind struggles with the challenges of the twenty-first century, the words of the...
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Return Again
The Dynamics of ReincarnationThe teachings of reincarnation have been an integral part of the Jewish mystictradition for thousands of years....
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The Mystical Meaning of Dreams
Fascinating Torah outlook on dreams. Explore their meaning, sources and prophetic nature in this unique Jewish book on Jewish mysticism...
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The Lights of Chanukah
One hundred meditationsAccording to Kabbalah, lighting Chanukah lights is one of the most potent and favorable times for meditation. The...
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Reflections at Sunset
This inspirational collection of poetry by Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman spans nearly fifty years. Many of the poems in this...
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Seeds and Sparks
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Inspiration and Self-Expression through the Cycles of Jewish Life This original and inspirational book is a personal and creative odyssey...
Seasons of the Soul
Coming soon
The Ohr Chadash anthology of Jewish holidays and significant eventsThe yearly cycle of the Jewish holidays provides an experiential template...
Journeys: The Collected Stories
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In the Dark
A NovelEscaping the bombs and flames of Liverpool, thousands of children are evacuated to the relative safety of the British...
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