Dating & Marriage

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Make Yourself at Home
Family life as a key to personal growth. What is home? Is it just an address, the place you live,...
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The Single Files
A journey of hopes and dreams My date is arriving in an hour. Mina is pounding on my door, she...
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The Art of Marriage
The ultimate book on how to create the perfect marriage Ruki Renov, author of the immensely popular The Art of...
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In the Beginning
Sold Out
How to survive your engagement and build a great marriage One of the best-kept secrets of life is that the...
The Frum Rules
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The Fun, User-Friendly, Definitive Girl's Guide to Shidduchim You're frum, you're single, and you want to get married. Where do...
Why Marry Jewish?
Surprising Reasons for Jews to Marry JewsIn our modern and open-minded society, why should Jews only marry Jews? This carefully...
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Two Halves of a Whole
Torah Guidelines for MarriageFrom Tehilla Abramov, the woman who transformed Jewish marriage education worldwide with her bestselling books The Secret...
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Talking Tachlis
A Singles' Strategy for MarriageFinding one's match has been described in the Talmud as a process as difficult as the...
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Head to Heart & Outside Inside
All too often, we prepare more for a tough test than we do for our marriages. Here is an insightful,...
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Head to Heart
What to know before dating and marriageHow prepared are you for dating and marriage? Once again much-loved Discovery Seminars lecturer...
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