Klein, Leah

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The B.Y Times #4 War!
Coming soon
When Batya Ben-Levi, the B.Y. Times’ good-natured distributionmanager, leaves on a long-awaited trip to Eretz Yisrael, she justknows it’s going...
The B.Y. Times #3 Twins in Trouble
Coming soon
Shani Baum, editor in chief of the B.Y. Times, expectsgreat things when she receives an invitation to a specialconvention for...
The B.Y. Times #2 Batya's Search
Coming soon
Put out the welcome mat — the Russians arecoming to Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield! There’s excitement in store when three...
The B.Y. Times #1 Shani's Scoop
Coming soon
What do you do if you’re beginning eighth grade andthings seem…well, boring? What if you want something newto tackle, an...
The B.Y. Times Kid Sisters 10-12
Coming soon
Sarah Chinn, Naomi Kaufman, Rivky Segal, Melissa Farber and Debby Kaplan have a lot in common. They’re all fourth graders...