Ellen Roteman

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The Case of the Chewy Cholent
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“The cholent? What was wrong with the cholent?” Adina hesitates, like she’s wondering if it’s lashon hara to say something...
Song of Faith
It’s true that the Jews are having a harder time than most people in Germany. Sometimesthere’s fighting in the streets...
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The Summer Everything Changed
It’s great to be positive. But there’s real danger in pretending, when you know in your heart that everything is...
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The Case of the Unfair Science Fair
Eleven-year-old Shimmy Stern loves solving mysteries. He won’t take on any new cases right now — he’s got to win...
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"My stomach jumps with anxiety. I have to make choir - I just have to! That feeling of being up there...
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The Case of the Disappearing Chanukah Candles
An upbeat and uproarious adventure story for kids There’s something funny about this case. Mrs. Rabinovitz lives all alone, so...
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