Yom Tov

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Shabbat and the Festivals: Journey and Destination
Why is the mindset (and indeed the obligation) of Shabbbat rest, while that of the festivals is joy? What is the...
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Guidelines to Yom Tov
Questions and Answers about the Laws of Yom Tov From the popular Guidelines series, this book addresses over 300 of...
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Shemoneh Esrei for Yom Tov and Rosh Chodesh
Each month, we celebrate Rosh Chodesh. Three times a year, we celebrate the shalosh regalim. But do we recognize the...
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Hearts Full of Praise
Two Timeless Tefillos. Two Priceless Gifts. Bentshing takes a long time. Is it all necessary? Hallel is so beautiful. What’s...
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40 Ways of Enhancing Simchas Yom Tov
To be b’simcha on Yom Tov is not only enjoyable but is also a mitzva. How can we be sure...
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