Historical Fiction

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Hanna's Harvest
A historical novel for teens If only Hanna Farber was good at something! Her pinafores are dirty, her needlework is...
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A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England…A Novel A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England… Orphaned and ill-treated by her...
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A Stranger to My Brothers
An inspiring novel of adventure and survival He's maladjusted. He has an attitude. And once, the village priest tells him,...
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The Tip of the Iceberg
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A heart-wrenching historical novel Precisely one hundred years after the Titanic sank in the Atlantic, facts and memories resurface. In...
The Harp
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A NovelThis is the gripping story of Yoseph the Levite�his fateful struggle against the Romans during the Churban�and the spiritual...