Guided Reading Level Z

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Alien Invasion
The aliens are coming! Deep in space, an alien spaceship is mysteriously destroyed by a nuclear missile. Twintal Ork and Dwint Splatch...
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Name the Stars
Every star has its special name… Fifteen-year-old Alec Paszternak and his nine-year-old brother, Yos, have survived the devastating war in Europe—but...
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Faigy stopped writing, and put her head down, teary-eyed. “That’s the problem, Esti,” she said. “We’re leaving civilization to go...
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Close Call
An upbeat, action-packed adventure for girls Michal put her hand on the doorknob. She turned to Adda. “You have to...
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Escape from the USSR
A Russian refusenik's story of survival The USSR is a dangerous place to be openly Jewish. Zev and Carmela Raiz...
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Untold Fortunes
Sold Out
Fourteen-year-old Aviva Weinstein has the perfect life—an amazing best friend, adorable siblings, and a dazzling pink-and-white trimmed bedroom. But when...
A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England…A Novel A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England… Orphaned and ill-treated by her...
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