Susie Garber

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Secrets in Disguise
Fraidy Mintz has been harboring a dark and dangerous secret for over sixty years. One day she reveals it to...
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A Bridge in Time
“Tante Chava said not to go on the bridge when it’s raining,” Tuvie warned me. Suddenly, lightning slashed the sky....
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Flight of the Doves
Thirteen-year-old Bayla Karmel adores her close-knit family and their idyllic life in 1930s Warsaw. When her cousin desperately needs her...
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Please Be Polite
What if some kangaroos happen to call and come with their scooters, jump ropes, and balls and trample the garden...
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Please Be Patient
Coming soon
What if a fox and his friends come to call, and you ask them to patiently wait in the hall.You tell...