Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles

Book Title Concentric Circles
Author Esther Sender
ISBN 9789659149209
Date Published
Leveled Reading
Pages 321
Cover Type Hardcover


Esther Sender brings to life events in our daily lives, covering meaning and purpose, that we would not have recognized if not for her literary artistry and spiritual insight.

Sarah Shapiro, journalist, editor of the Our Lives series and author of Growing with My Children

Esther Sender's everyday life isn't everyday at all, especially not in the Holy Land, in the Holy City. I, too, am among the loyal following who automatically opens the Mishpacha magazine first to the inside back cover to read her Concentric Circles column.

Ruth Lewis, editor, writer, poet, and author of Memos to Self

She's our friend, she's our spiritual guide, she can be trusted to deliver time and time again in a great story with great insight---words that enter out consciousness, our lives, and inspire us onwards and upwards.

Leah Kotkes, features editor of Binah magazine, writing mentor, and author of The Map Seeker

Concentric Circles is a great way to get chizuk. Esther Sender's eye for pinpointing and showcasing the nuggets of wisdom in every aspect of life, strikes a chord, leaving me satiated and uplifted.

Riva Pomerantz, freelance writer and author of Green Fences