Invisible Tribe

Invisible Tribe

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This is the book I wish had been around when I was a kid.

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Book Title Invisible Tribe
Author Sara Miriam Gross
ISBN 9798888393741
Date Published
Leveled Reading Level T / Grade 5
Pages 256
Cover Type Hardcover
This is the book I wish had been around when I was a kid.

Stories that explore the tough, messy, and even funny situations that children who have lost a parent sometimes find themselves in…

Moshe is going to a new summer camp where nobody knows what happened to his
father. Should he tell?

Three different relatives think they're hosting Temima's bas mitzvah. Little do they know that Temima is almost ready to cancel everything!

Everyone his age is leaving shul and Shimshi is supposed to stay for Yizkor. Now what?

Invisible Tribe is a collection of unique stories that span all seasons and holidays, helping
readers reconnect with dusty, rusty feelings like peace and happiness.
And the sensitive illustrations are the icing on the quake — or rather cake. (Read story #17 and you’ll understand why.)

“This should be on the bookshelf of every yeshivah, Bais Yaakov, and shul. It is a much-
needed gift to our generation.” —Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Rav Khal Bais Yitzchok

“When we shared these wonderful stories in the Links Family publications, our kids saw
themselves, understood their feelings better, and felt less alone. I'm thrilled that Invisible Tribe will now reach an even wider audience.” —Sarah Rivkah Kohn, Founder & Director, Links Family

Invisible Tribe is more than a book. It is an act of compassion and inclusion. No one invites tragedy, but facing the next day and the day after will be far easier (and happier) with this book in your heart.” —Rebbetzin Tziporah Gottlieb