Aidel Stein

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The Baker's Dozen #14: Summer Jobs
Summertime’s fun time—but not if you have “nothing to do. ”That’s Bracha Baker’s problem, until Mrs. Baker comes up with...
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Close Call
An upbeat, action-packed adventure for girls Michal put her hand on the doorknob. She turned to Adda. “You have to...
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The Mystery of the Rich Uncle: Bar Mitzvah Mysteries #1
Sold Out
The first book in the exciting Bar Mitzvah Mysteries seriesInstead of shopping for his bar mitzvah suit, Moish Braverman is...
Stop, Thief! - Bar Mitzvah Mysteries #2
The second book in the exciting Bar Mitzvah Mysteries series The second of a fantastic Jewish kids' continues the suspense,...
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