New Books - Early Readers

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Princess of Hashem
Sold Out
I am a princess of Hashem: Would you like to be a princess too? Come along, just follow me! I'll...
Don't Thank Me
Bubby gives Yehuda some yummy Vanilla Bean Crunch ice cream. When he thanks her, Bubby says, “Don’t thank me...” Who should...
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Yitzy Aims High
Seven-year-old Yitzy wants to kiss the mezuzah on the doorpost, but it’s way too high. His friends try to help him,...
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From Wood to Sefer
How is a sefer made? Follow its amazing journey from trees in a forest to a sefer we can read.
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Solution Champs
Emotional intelligence (EQ) means knowing how to transform emotional pain into spiritual gain. Children develop their EQ by seeing how...
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A Yom Tov Book of Poems
When Rabbi Reuven Bauman wrote a manuscript of Yom Tov poems for children, it was his fervent wish to find a...
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